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In most parts of Texas, snow and ice accumulation on the roof is not much cause for concern; however, there are a few important considerations for roof maintenance during the winter. Freezing water expands and can cause roof shingles and flashing to tear or shift. Leaks and other problems can result from this repeated process. Proper roof pitch and drainage are ery important.. Any roofing area that is low-pitched or an area where water pools or drains slowly should be watched closely during the winter. Roof-to-wall sections, skylights, patios, and the back of chimneys are areas susceptible to snow and ice uildup that can damage flashing and leak during the thaw. It is important to pay attention to your roof during thawing as these are the times when most leaks occur.  

Excessive Snow and Ice Can Damage Your Roof 

Water cannot drain from your roof system if too much snow or ice accumulates. The roof, ceilings, walls, and insulation can be damaged when water remains trapped on the roof.  Ice dams are another wintertime roofing issue and can cause extensive interior damage. These occur when snow or ice melts from the warmer parts of the roof that are over heated areas of the home. This melting water flows to the edge of the roof line and then refreezes as it gets outside the heated walls of the home. This refreezing creates an “ice dam” on the edge of the roof that stops subsequent runoff from occurring. This water pools behind the dam and can seep down into the interior of the home.  

How to Combat Ice Dams 

Ice dams can be avoided by using ice/water shield underlayment in valleys and along roof eaves. Ice/water shield is building code in northern climates but not in Texas. At HUF Construction, we use ice/water shield in all valleys and any other concerning areas on your roof. While this may not completely stop an ice dam in extreme circumstances, it can help minimize its damage. 

Huf Construction – Your Local Roofing Professionals 

With locations in both Waxahachie and the Permian Basin, Huf Construction serves Ellis County, including Waxahachie, Ennis, and Midlothian, as well as the greater DFW Metroplex, parts of central Texas, Midland, and Odessa. As this area’s roofing experts, we have a decade of experience, training, and knowledge.  

Our company specializes in roof repair and replacement for residential, commercial, and multi-family properties. Our dedicated team provides you with the most appropriate roof design, components, and ventilation options when we inspect, install, or repair your roof.  

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