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Searching for and vetting contractors can be a difficult process that most people do not enjoy. It can be time-consuming, estimates can be confusing, and many people do not have the trade knowledge to understand proper installation practices. Roofing is an especially challenging trade because most customers never inspect their roofs to ensure quality workmanship. However, finding a roofing contractor does not have to be a stressful process! The following is a brief list of important factors to consider.

Services the Roofing Contractor Offers

Common Roofing Services to Look For:

  • Gutters
  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Repairs
  • Damage and Leak Inspection

Construction companies do a lot more than just roofs. Consider choosing a construction company that specializes in multiple services if you’re looking for solutions for pools, remodeling and restoration, and roofing all in one place.

Reviews & Experience

Online reviews can be useful for vetting a roofing contractor. Look at Google (or any other online) reviews, ask the company for references you can contact, or view customer testimonials on their site. After your roof is finished, remember to leave a review too so your experience can help others.

Most reliable or experienced companies will post pictures of projects for you to see what their work looks like. Others may keep a tally of completed projects that give you a better idea of their experience level with roofing.

Properly Licensed and Insured

When a company is properly insured, they’ve taken the necessary precautions to mitigate any risks associated with construction projects. Roofing can be a particularly dangerous trade so having proper insurance is important. There are two types of necessary insurance: general liability and workman’s compensation coverage. General liability protects your home and property against poor workmanship and property damage. Workman’s compensation protects you from an installer suffering an injury while working on your property. Both are of equal importance, and it’s important to know that workman’s compensation coverage is not required in Texas, and neither is a state roofing license.  At HUF Construction, we go above normal state requirements and carry workman’s comp coverage and many certifications from manufacturers, ensuring your roof is installed per manufacturer specifications.

Know the Claim Process & Coverage

Having a damaged roof is stressful enough, so making sure the company outlines the insurance claims process clearly is important.


The time it takes to repair or replace your roof depends on a couple of different factors, including the size of the roof, roofing material, weather forecasts, and more. Sometimes, jobs can only take a couple of days, but it’s important to find out this information before your project is started.

Know Their Pricing

After you’ve told the roofing company about the specifications of your job, request an initial estimate. If you can, look for companies with free estimates; you don’t want to pay before knowing the price. Be aware that the price may change if problems arise or if your roofers discover something that wasn’t in the initial consultation. However, a good roofer should alert you of any pricing changes and ask for your input before adding additional expenses.

While it’s important to know all the costs upfront, pricing isn’t everything. If a company is a little out of your initial budget but they have raving reviews and great customer service, it may be worth the extra cash. Dealing with rude or untrustworthy roofers is never financially worth it, especially if they do a bad job on your roof!

Meet Them in Person

Gauging customer service and one-on-one skills is always easier in person. Plus, it helps the specialist get to know you a bit better and will make it easier for you to communicate in the future.

Write Things Down

A lot of information could be covered in a phone call, appointment, or visit. You want to make sure you remember all the details, especially when they pertain to safety, pricing, scheduling, and claims.

Looking for a roofing contractor? Look no further than Huf Construction! Our years of experience and overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves. Contact us now for a free estimate!