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Winter weather is on its way, and HUF Construction wants your home to be ready for the cold. Winterizing your roof is an important step to take before those freezing temps hit. By ensuring that your roof is prepared for frost, wind, and snow, you’ll also ensure that your home stays warm and cozy throughout the icy months. 

Winterizing your roof shouldn’t be a last-minute task. Instead, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to finish the job before winter rears its harsh face. By following the simple guide below, you can ensure your home is prepared to take on the cold. 

Clean Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean should be a frequent chore on your home maintenance checklist. But, unfortunately, some people forget about their gutters until it’s too late. 

Gutters full of debris create a barrier for water running off the roof. In the warmer months, this barrier can create problems with unwanted moisture. Leaves and other debris might begin to grow mold, which can spread to your roof in the winter months. Certain organisms, like algae, don’t go dormant in the winter but continue to grow. 

The blockage in your gutter can also cause ice damming. Ice damming occurs whenever water that melts off your roof has no place to go and refreezes. This buildup of ice can cause problems with your roof; as the precipitation begins to melt, the restriction in movement allows it to find small spaces in your roof to start to seep into. Eventually, this type of water damage can become a more significant issue if not resolved quickly. 

Clean your gutters before winter weather arrives to protect your house from unwanted ice dams and algae growth. By being proactive and preparing your gutters before a problem arises, you will save yourself money and headaches. 

Check for Overhanging Tree Limbs

As much as we love the trees, branches that hang over your roof create a severe risk to your property. 

When freezing temperatures meet precipitation like snow or ice, a winter wonderland can form before our eyes. But, as beautiful as it looks, there is still a real danger. Snow and ice that accumulates around tree branches make the branch heavier. Many times these branches break due to excessive weight. If a branch is big enough, it can cause severe damage to anything underneath it, including your roof. 

Many of the regions that we service have experienced drought-like conditions recently. Trees in these regions are especially susceptible to breakage. In the winter, when winds blow through, it may not take much for a heavy branch to fall. 

Check your property for branches overhanging your home. It’s always a good idea to cut these branches back to protect your home from the possible damage a falling branch might create. Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

Inspect Your Roof 

Unmaintained roofs can create less-than-ideal conditions for homeowners when the temperature drops. A damaged or weak roof becomes a bigger problem as heavy snowfall and ice begin to form on top of it. 

In warm months, the precipitation runs off the house fairly quickly, and while leaks inside your home might be an issue, excessive weight isn’t. If there is a weak spot in your roof or damaged shingles, getting them repaired is not only a good idea, it’s necessary. Heavy snowfall can create severe problems for roofs already lacking in support, and moisture that sticks around can find unprotected spots in your roof and allow water to seep in slowly. 

Don’t wait until the spring to get your roof inspected. Instead, call HUF construction and have a professional look over your roof to ensure you’re ready for whatever winter throws your way. 

Inspect Your Attic Insulation

Making sure that your attic is properly insulated is one of the most important items on this checklist. An attic that has optimal insulation will make your home comfortable throughout winter. 

When your roof is inspected for damage, it’s always a good idea to check your insulation. Any water that leaks into your home will fall first onto the insulation. When this happens, problems like mold and mildew can become an issue. Also, damp insulation doesn’t serve its purpose well. 

What is directly under your roof is just as important as the roof itself to keep your family warm and protected from the outside elements. Have HUF construction check your insulation to ensure you are fully prepared this winter. 

Scheduled Inspections are Your Best Defense Against Winter Weather

Consistent home inspections will ensure that your roof is in its best state. This winter, don’t wait for the thaw. Have HUF construction give your home a free inspection. Our job is to ensure your roof is fully winterized so you can be comfortable this holiday season. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection.