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Choosing a roofing contractor to entrust with your roofing needs is a decision that demands due diligence. To help you through this process, we’ve compiled essential questions you should ask any prospective roofing contractor. Armed with these inquiries, you can confidently make an informed decision.

Understanding Your Roofing Contractor’s Business

Familiarizing yourself with the roofing business and its reputation. Consider posing the following questions:

Do you carry insurance?

The company must have workers’ compensation and roofing liability insurance. This ensures you’re not held responsible for any accidental damages or injuries.

Are you a Bonded Roofing Company? 

If the company goes under mid-project, a bonded company guarantees that a bonding company will step in to complete your home’s repairs.

What’s your company’s physical address? 

A legitimate business should have a physical address. You can also check the Better Business Bureau’s accredited business list to confirm their authenticity.

How long have you been in the roofing industry? 

Longevity often speaks to experience and reliability.

Do you have references or testimonials?

Direct feedback from previous customers can provide valuable insights.

How do you ensure timely project completion?

Trustworthy contractors should have mechanisms in place to encourage efficient work and transparency in operation.

Many reputable contractors will have responses to these questions readily available on their website or Google Business profile. Their reviews can also shed light on their credibility and reliability.

Inquiring About the Job Details

Every contractor operates differently, and finding one that aligns with your unique needs is crucial. Essential questions here might include:

Do you work with my insurance company?

Yes. We will meet the adjuster from your insurance company to help with their inspection process. Once the claim is approved we will offer any suggestions for best practices, code compliance, and manufacturer specifications to ensure we can agree on a proper scope of work for your project. We will also facilitate any claim supplements should they arise before, during, or after construction.

Who will manage my roofing project, and who should I contact if issues arise?

Knowing your primary points of contact ensures seamless communication throughout the project.

What is the expected work schedule? 

A contractor that accommodates your timeline can minimize disruptions to your daily life.

Can you provide a list of common roof repairs and their costs?

This can help you make informed decisions should unforeseen problems crop up.

How will my property and yard be protected, and is thus guaranteed in the contract?

 It’s essential to ensure the contractor takes measures to prevent collateral damage.

Can I access the manufacturer’s warranties for the roofing materials and your workmanship warranties?

Understanding your coverage is vital in the event of future issues.

Additional Queries

You might also consider asking:

What happens if there are problems with my roof installation? 

This question addresses their process for rectifying potential installation issues.

How are payments for this job managed, and do you offer financing options?

It’s essential to understand the financial aspects of your project upfront.

Have you worked on similar projects before?

Experience with comparable jobs can provide added confidence in your contractor’s abilities.

Stick With The Roofing Experts!

These questions can help you decide on your hiring. What may appear to be a quick fix can turn into a significant issue if the installation or repair is mishandled. At HUF Construction, we bring our extensive experience and excellent customer reviews to every roofing job! Contact us today to see how we can serve your roofing needs!