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Texas is known for its random and unpredictable springtime weather, and current forecasts are showing a greater-than-average chance of hail this year. We’ve already seen a few major property-damaging storms miss our county by just a few miles! In this article, we’ll examine some steps you can take to prepare before inclement weather wreaks havoc on your home.

Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Before the thunder tolls and you’re sheltering your pets and vehicles, the most important question to consider is: Am I covered? As a homeowner, it is critical to fully understand your homeowner’s insurance coverage to ensure you are not underinsured for any disaster that might affect your roof. Avoid having to pay out of pocket and settle for a subpar repair by conducting an audit of your policy. Not sure where to start? We can help you review what’s needed to ensure you are covered for any repair or replacement work.

Prepare for a Hail Storm

Numerous practical things can be done to prepare for oncoming hailstorms. Regular roof inspections for loose or missing shingles will save you money and protect your house. Another step that is helpful in the long term is to regularly trim tree limbs and remove debris from around your yard.

Any storm brings wind, and you want to reduce the number of objects that could damage you or your property. This includes items like outdoor furniture, potted plants, and loose debris. One hidden culprit of storm damage is gravel. High winds easily pick up the small stones, causing damage to your house and vehicle. Replacing areas close to the home with mulch is worth considering. Also, placing stakes around your gardens and plant beds with a tarp to cover and protect the vegetation is helpful.

The final tip we have in preparing for a hailstorm is the most important: safety. Keeping yourself, your family members, and animals safe is paramount. Develop a safety plan should severe weather strike. Stay indoors and pay attention to all severe weather alerts for your area.

Prepare for peace of mind

Remember that having a well-defined and thorough plan of action will make things easier and reduce unnecessary headaches. Be prepared, stay safe, and remember that we are here for you when the hail hits. Do not wait; call the experts at HUF Construction today!

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