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UV rays can damage everything, including the roof that protects you and your family. The sun’s heat shrinks, dries, and melts various materials on your roof. Modern asphalt shingles are often UV-resistant to increase their stability and use.

However, heat and extreme weather changes can still damage your protective shingles, which exposes the more vulnerable parts of your roof. This could result in cracking, breaking, fading, and discoloration, which are signs that your roof has been affected by UV rays and heat damage.

Keep Your Home Cool & Well Ventilated

Select energy-efficient options for your roofing materials to keep costs down and ensure your roof’s longevity. A well-ventilated roof also helps your roof last longer, even in high-heat climates.

Scheduled Regular Inspections

Schedule regular inspections to check your roof and ensure your home has enough vents. Our team of roofing specialists at HUF Construction will spot damage and offer our recommendations for repair before leaks are a problem. Our goal is to avoid worsening damage while helping you better manage your roof’s upkeep and costs.

Get Your Roof Repaired

Even when you’ve done everything you can to protect your roof from sun damage, heat and UV rays will still do their work. So when you notice sun damage, call our team at HUF Construction to get your roof repaired right away. A repair now will prevent damage that can turn into a costly replacement.

Find Out How HUF Construction Can Help

As part of our inspection at HUF Construction, we’ll show you any signs of sun damage and offer recommendations for how we can resolve these early-warning signs. We’ve installed and repaired thousands of roofs in our community over the last 10 years. Contact us at HUF Construction for a free estimate.