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The beginning of fall is a great time to complete those remaining outdoor projects before winter. The weather is cooler, people are typically no longer on vacation, and contractors are beginning to schedule outdoor projects before winter weather arrives. Cooler weather makes this time of year ideal for roofing. Here are 4 good reasons to get your roofing project completed this fall:

Cooler weather – Roofing Project This Fall

Cooler weather is great for roofing as long as it’s above 50 degrees. Temperatures below 50 can sometimes lead to shingles not adhering properly. Cooler weather is better for laborers regarding productivity and safety, as the roof can often be 30+ degrees hotter than the ground. Shingles are less likely to be damaged from foot traffic (created by workers walking on the roof) than in hot weather, making this an ideal time of year to install roofs with a steeper pitch.

Upcoming winter weather – Roofing Project This Fall

In Texas, October is usually one of the rainiest months of the year, followed by 3-4 months of colder weather that isn’t ideal for roofing. It’s always a good idea to replace an old or damaged roof before months of colder weather arrive. Depending on the state of your roof and the damage you want to repair, choosing to wait until Spring could compound the issue and damage more than just your roof.

Open insurance claims

Many roofs are damaged by hail or wind during the spring and summer. Many homeowners wait until after summer vacation, the start of school, and many other reasons to have their roofs replaced later in the year. Insurance companies vary in the length of time they will allow a claim to remain open, but most expect repairs to be completed within a 6-to-12-month time frame. Some insurance companies will withhold remaining claim funds if work is not completed within their allowed time. Others will have to reissue payments to homeowners, as checks may only be payable for six months after the issue date. Waiting too long to begin repairs can cause unnecessary additional headaches while navigating an insurance claim.

Material pricing – Roofing Project This Fall

Insurance companies generally use industry-approved pricing software that updates monthly to reflect market supply and demand changes. Normally this pricing increases during the spring and summer months. The longer a homeowner waits for repairs made from an insurance claim, the more likely they will have an outdated estimate that will need to be repriced. This is another step that lengthens the claims process. Also, material pricing has increased multiple times in the current construction environment due to manufacturing deficiencies and supply chain disruptions. Material prices continue to climb at unprecedented rates, and nothing is getting cheaper.

Find Out How HUF Construction Can Help

HUF Construction is your local, reputable choice for your roofing project. We have certified installers with industry leaders like CertainTeed, TAMKO, IKO, GAF, and Owens Corning. Insurance claims are our business, and we will help you navigate the claims process to get your property restored to pre-storm condition. Contact us today for a free roof inspection or estimate.